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Consulting Design & Testing 


Evaluation & Inspection

Wyatt W. Underwood & Associates provides a wide range of investigation and evaluation services for existing facilities. Our services are designed to assist, municipalities, facility owners, managers, or contractors to determine the physical condition of their facilities. 

  • Wyatt W. Underwood & Associates is the most innovative and comprehensive offer on the market to monitor your sports field.

  • We perform a wide-ranging assessment of your venue including:

    • A full agronomy diagnosis,

    • An evaluation of your field essentials (planarity, drainage, irrigation system…), and

    • An objective measurement of playing performance including player-surface and ball-surface interactions.

  • We have developed this unique service based on our 30-years sports field testing and agronomic expertise.



Specifications | Design

Achieve Your Goals

At the early stage of your construction project, Wyatt W. Underwood & Associates can advise you and help you plan your project right.

We advise municipalities, schools, and communities every day on their choices regarding:

  • Surface (natural, synthetic, hybrid)
  • Materials (sand and gravels, foundations)
  • Type of construction (engineered vs. dynamic base, drainage system, heating system).
  • Specifications to employ.


Our certified technicians are fully aware of local and international regulations with respect to sports installations and know extremely well products available on the market 


We can assist you at:

  • Feasibility study stage (site selection, layout, choice of design)

  • Pre-bid stage (preparation of bid documents, analysis of specifications, recommendations on specifications)

  • Continuing to through the contracting stage.

Field Testing & Certification

Safety Assured 

Field inspections are undertaken to validate the quality of the surface and to ensure that the facility has been installed complying with not only the relevant standards and regulations but your specifications. 


At Wyatt W. Underwood & Associates we have an extensive global network including several subsidiaries and teams across the world. This enables us to undertake tests, respond quickly to client demands, and provide a cost-effective solution for the full range of field tests.


Our performance testing provides validation that the surface conforms to the appropriate national and international standard(s) such as:

  • National and International standards: EN, ISO, ASTM, NFP, BS, and CSA.

  • National and International Governing Body standards.


Field Testing | Periodical Inspection & Re-certification


Sports facilities will often need to be re-tested on a periodic basis to ensure conformity to the required standard(s). This can be linked to a particular requirement of a specific competition (Part of sports federation’s regulations) or to ensure the facility is still "as originally specified" and is managed and maintained to the required standard.


Continued testing is required by several sports federations and governing agencies to retain the intended classification | accreditation of the field.


Environmental Worker

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