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Merits of a Case

When considering or pursuing personal injury, specification violations, and product failure lawsuits, legal practitioners often employ Investigative Measures | Expert Witnesses both during the discovery and trial stages of a lawsuit.  Simply put, a Sports Expert Witness – is a leading industry professional, with 25-years or more subject matter knowledge or similarly licensed practitioner, qualified by reason of his or her skill, knowledge, education, experience, or training to testify on a particular expert area.  He or she is a person who has knowledge about the product and specifications, beyond that of an average person.


In order for a case to have merit, the plaintiff’s attorney must establish, Causation and Damages.  Expert Witnesses perform a vital role as their expert assessment is required in various aspects of product review to industry standards, specifications and field collection of data, research, and lab testing.  


The findings of the Expert Witness and Lab technicians aid attorneys in evaluating the merits of a case before proceeding to file a lawsuit.  Their analysis and testimony are also essential as the case progresses to discovery and ultimately trial. 


Testing & Laboratory

Verifiable Trust = Testing

Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to material testing, we base our approach to your particular needs. However, our services are wide-ranging enough to meet the testing needs of diverse products, from flammability testing for products manufactured to chemical analysis and physical properties for all types of materials.

Services span the full range of chemical, performance, mechanical and physical properties testing, including:


  • Materials identification, characterization, and structural analysis

  • Materials performance

  • Raw material properties

  • Environmental and durability testing

  • Flammability testing

  • Microscopic analysis

Expert Witness


What Makes a strong Expert Witness?


Over the years, Coastal Design Concepts has conducted surveys and collected feedback from Recreational Sports expert witnesses engaged by our clients.  While every case is different, some common themes emerge as being the most critical factors in selecting the right expert witness, including:


  • Education and Training - Clients tend to prefer expert witnesses who matriculate at top universities;

  • Experience – Expert witnesses in active clinical practice who are experienced with the specific conditions, specifications or procedures in question;

  • Familiarity with the Legal Process – Expert witnesses who have experience with regulations, standards, causation and who have (written and oral) testimony experience;

  • Demeanor and Communication Skills – Expert witnesses are often called upon to present and demystify complex specifications,  procedures and testing interpretation to jurors who will not likely understand sports products or construction jargon.  Exports who can communicate this information in a clear and understandable fashion are typically the most effective expert witnesses.


At Coastal Design Concepts, we understand these core principles and apply them to engagement.   



Environmental Worker

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